Costa Rica's Best Coffee

Costa Rica has consistently produced some of the very best coffee beans in the world.

Costa Rica's Best Coffee is among the very best gourmet coffees to be found anywhere.

The majority of quality Arabica beans are grown in the high mountains of Costa Rica's Central Valley, one of the best places in the world to grow coffee. At 1300-1500 meters, where rich volcanic slopes yield plantations, that produce, year after year, outstanding gourmet coffee beans. The quality of Costa Rica's coffee is recognized worldwide for taste and quality, and has won high praise, and recognition over the years. This limited production coffee is small batch medium light roast. Now offering Costa Rica's Best Coffee in very limited quantities until sold out.

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About Costa Rica Coffee

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There area seven coffee-producing regions in Costa Rica that produce seven distinct types of coffee. They area: Tarrazu, highly acidic, produced at high altitudes, known for its aroma and body; Brunca, early ripening, normal acidity, perfect for all tastes; Orosi, a long, uniformly shaped bean, excellent quality; Tres Rios, traditional coffee-producing area, known as the Bordeaux of Costa Rica; Turrialba, good-sized bean with low acidity; Valle Occidental, known for its great peach and apricot flavor; Valle Central, a chocolaty flavor, the first coffee plantations were established here.


Costa Rica Climate & Soil

The soil in Costa Rica contains a light grade of tropical acidity, the product of land enriched by volcanic ash. The soils are rich in organic materials, which allow the plant to achieve a good root distribution, helping retain moisture and facilitate oxygenation.

More than 70% of national production comes from the mountains at elevations from 1,000 to 1,700 meters above sea level. At that elevation temperatures fluctuate between 17 and 23 degrees Celsius, sunlight is stable and the amount of rain is optimal.

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